Senior Beta Service Trip, Costa Rica

Understand the ins and outs of your (potential) state Beta Service Learning Trip! From where and why, to health and safety - you'll find all you need here. Click the photo to read all about it.

What's it going to be like eating in Costa Rica? We'll tell you now... YUMMY! Click on the photo for your food guide!


Transportation & Accommodations

Economy class flights will bring your Betas to Costa Rica where ground transportation will be by charter bus. Days 1-6 will be in cabin accommodations by the volunteer site. Days 7-10 will be in a 4/5 star hotel in San Jose.

3 Meals A Day

3 meals a day will be provided. At the volunteer site, days 1-6, meals will be home cooked by locals. Days 7-10 will include breakfast by the hotel and group lunch and dinner in the city. Read more about local food in the "Food Guide".

Activities & Adventures

All activities and adventures on the itinerary are included! Your Betas will enjoy turtle watching, egg collection and more! Around volunteering, your Betas will experience a Rainforest River Tour, Dance Class, Cooking Class, Crafting Class, Horseback Riding, ATV Riding, Rainforest Ziplining and Waterfall Discovering!

Tax, Fees, Gratuities

All tax, fees and gratuities are included in the price! No hidden figures.

Survival Pack & Cash Stipend

Every student will recieve a survival pack equip with bug spray, sun block, a towel, rubber gloves and a water bottle, and a small cash stipend to get them going in Costa Rica.

Beta Sponsors Travel Free

Because you've given your hearts to Beta, Beta sponsors travel free 1/15 ratio.

Online Registration & EZ Payments

To keep things "hands off" for you, students will register and pay individually online through a custom trip portal. Payments can be made by debit or credit card.

OPTIONAL: Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is optional per student. We highly recommend opting for an insurance with a "Cancel for any reason" clause. Insurance can be purchased through SST at registration or individually.