Getting Started


1) Choose a group leader & seek approval from your school
Determine who will be your group leader. This person will communicate with us regularly and pass on information to committees, students, parents, etc. Most school districts want to see educational value in fieldtrips. A field trip planning form is also usually required and must be submitted to your principal and local board of education. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you create a proposal or lesson plan that connects your trip with your district's curriculum. If you are new to planning field trips, simply ask your principal for formal procedures. If you need help, we can create lesson plans for you!
2) Select travel dates
While you can choose your own travel dates, we recommend including weekend days in your dates, Spring Break days, or other days that minimally interfere with school days. Some advantages include smaller crowds, priority reservations, and lower rates.
3) Let us know you're interested
Request a quote and book a group tour at
4) Hold a meeting and distribute promotional materials
You are now ready to hold a meeting to promote your trip. Most group leaders hold a meeting with both students and parents either during or after school. If you need help with your meeting, we can provide you with engaging powerpoints and/or videos.
5) Get students registered
We'll provide registration forms, flyers, and an access code to use our online registration portal.