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We are passionate about learning on the go! We know that educators and students never want to stop exploring and experiencing new things, no matter how far they have to travel.

That’s why we’ve taken care to find some of the best destinations worldwide to provide our teachers and students with unforgettable experiences. 

Domestic Destinations

Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC

Visiting our nation’s capital is an invaluable experience for young students to gain a greater appreciation of our democracy and its role in history.

During a tour of Washington D.C., your students can marvel at the many national monuments scattered around the city – from the iconic Washington Monument in front of the White House to the stirring Lincoln Memorial on the National Mall.

Not only will they witness towering reminders of our country’s timeline, but be able to deepen their understanding of how government systems work by learning about public policies, attorney general proceedings and chairman debates. From exploring presidents’ lives at the National Portrait Gallery to admiring nature in Rock Creek Park, a visit to Washington D.C. offers both entertainment and education that no other place on earth can provide!

Students will make monumental memories to go along with lasting knowledge – creating a trip they won’t soon forget! A tour like this is sure to leave a lasting impression – one that is both informational and fun-filled! Let us show you around our nation’s capital and start building lifelong memories today. You won’t regret it!


It’s the perfect time for a class trip to Orlando, Florida! Home of the world-famous Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Orlando offers an incredible array of memorable opportunities for students. From thrilling roller coasters and interactive play areas at theme parks to fascinating displays at local museums and outdoor adventures right in the heart of Florida’s stunning nature reserves, students can glimpse just a few of the world’s many wonders in this unique city.

Not to mention that with educational tour options available at theme parks like Epcot and SeaWorld, your students will gain an opportunity to explore the science and technology behind their favorite rides while learning more about our planet’s coral reefs, rainforests, habitats, ecosystems, ocean life and more!

With a wide range of affordable hotels, Orlando holds something for every budget as well. Gather your students now for a school trip they won’t soon forget— make plans today for a fun and exciting educational experience in Orlando! ​​​​


With so many amazing cities in the U.S., it can be difficult to decide which one to visit with your students. The third largest city in the U.S. should certainly be among the top choices!

From its renowned architecture, museums, and green spaces to its world-class sporting events, Chicago has something for everyone! Students will be drawn in by its vibrant energy and famous Midwestern hospitality as they explore this multifaceted city. Discover vintage buildings and institutions of higher learning throughout downtown, or take in the natural beauty of Lake Michigan’s shoreline and parks scattered across the city.

Feel that invigorating Chicago wind as you sample some deep-dish pizza and try cheering on a local team at one of the exciting sports games held each year. Your students will thank you for the opportunity to experience all this great city has to offer, making it an unforgettable trip!


A student trip to New York City is sure to be an educational experience like no other. Nestled into one of the largest cities in the world, every block offers students an opportunity to explore and engage with different cultures and perspectives.

From cultural and historical sites to financial strongholds, there is something to encourage and challenge students in every corner of the city. With tailored tours and unique stop-offs, planning a student trip gives educators the chance to introduce their students to the bustling city life in a safe and controlled environment.

As one of the most important hubs for finance, media, and arts on the planet, exploring New York provides invaluable insights into our contemporary global society. A customized tour of New York City will awaken creativity within your students, offering them experiences that last long past the end of their school year.

Your voyage will spark wonder among your travelers who will leave inspired by all this socio-cultural hotspot has to offer. No matter your group size or age range, a customized educational tour of New York City is sure to ignite passion in your students as they embrace all this world leader has waiting for them!

International Destinations


Whether you’re a student looking to discover the rich cultural heritage of Italy, or a teacher seeking an educational experience for your classroom, our Grand Italy Tour has something for everyone.

On this journey around some of Italy’s most exciting cities and landmarks, travelers will have the opportunity to explore varied cultural experiences tailored to their individual interests.

From taking a gondola ride through Venice’s iconic canals and tasting delicious regional dishes in Florence’s markets, to seeing magnificent Renaissance art at The Uffizi Gallery and stepping back in time to visit the ruins of Pompeii – this tour is sure to provide an unforgettable learning experience that covers art history, customs and culture, as well as Italian cuisine. And with its flexible itinerary, it can be fully customized to meet the needs of all participants – ensuring that each person comes away with memories that last a lifetime!

With the Grand Italy Tour, you’ll be sure to have a comprehensive Italian adventure like none other!

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Teacher-founded and operated, Smart Student Travel is on a continuous mission to provide all students with affordable travel learning opportunities. Since 2009 we have specialized in planning affordable domestic and international tours for student and educator groups!

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Smart Student Travel offers teachers, students, and parents an opportunity to take education beyond the classroom. Viewers can access information on immersive experiences and valuable academic opportunities Smart Student Travel offers through videos and other resources. Whether it’s interviews with students who have participated in hands-on tours throughout the historical sites of Europe or teachers discussing how Smart Student Travel provides an immersive learning experience through educational travel programs. 

These video summaries provide invaluable insight. Get a preview of the wonderful destinations that await you if you embark on one of Smart Student Travel’s amazing programs as a student or educator. Our videos capture the study opportunities available to those who choose to use Smart Student Travel and offer reassurance that students participating in these same programs will come home after having had a once-in-a-lifetime experience they’ll never forget!

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Our base packages provide comfortable and reliable round-trip transportation via motorcoach. We also offer air travel at your request.

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We offer free or discounted travel to teachers for every 15 participants.

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At your request, we offer tour guides to help you navigate through cities and attractions.

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We provide hotels with indoor corridors which are safer for students.

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We provide professional security to monitor student rooms at night so that chaperones and parents can have peace of mind.

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